The Fleet Show 2018 Seminar Sessions:

  •  WLTP:

    – Why 2020 tax reforms for the new fuel economy test are coming too late to shield fleets from rising costs.


  • Future-proofing your fleet:

    – How to make long-term decisions about vehicle choice, against a backdrop of constant political, social and taxation changes.


  • Where next for the company car?:

    – The challenges en route for company cars, and why it might be time for a fresh look at cash alternatives.


  • One careful owner?:

    – What the ASA’s ruling on selling ex-fleet cars means for the sector, and should second-hand buyers really be wary?


  • Thinking multi-modal:

    – How technology is changing the way businesses think about travel, and the challenges and opportunities of doing so.


  • Data Rich?:

    – The changing role of telematics for connected fleets; and why your fleet’s data could be more valuable than you imagine.