Silverstone Circuit offers a superb range of safe, queue-free track driving opportunities on the National, International and Stowe circuits, providing the best possible testing ground for all the latest fleet cars and vans.

Motor manufacturers can choose which circuits they wish to use, according to the type of vehicle and their choice of co-driver. All drivers at Fleet Show must be accompanied by a manufacturers’ representative, or a pro driver. This highly successful system ensures that customers can get a full and detailed understanding of the vehicle they are driving.

National Circuit

Drivers using the National circuit will be accompanied by a professional racing driver. There is no speed limit on the National circuit and all drivers using this circuit will be required to wear a crash helmet at all times.

International Circuit

Drivers using the International circuit will be accompanied by a representative of the relevant motor manufacturer. Drivers using the International circuit are required to observe a 70mph speed limit and are hence not required to wear crash helmets.

The Stowe Circuit

The Stowe Circuit  is available for test drives of commercial vehicles and vans.

NOTE: Anyone wishing to test drive a vehicle at The Fleet Show will need to have their licence checked.