Fleet Show 2018 brings the whole industry together in one event on one day, meaning you can do the business you need to, see the people you want to, and engage new customers in your services and products at one of the most iconic motoring venues in the world: Silverstone. The fleet industry is all about efficiency, and that idea is integral to the concept of Fleet Show 2018, allowing senior fleet decision-makers to take one day out of their busy schedules to drive cars and vans around the famous track, and meet suppliers in the renowned Silverstone Wing exhibition complex. To ensure that the day has maximum impact, there are also seminars, breakfast briefings and working lunches.
The benefit for exhibitors is being able to do business on one action-packed day: no stretched-out events over multiple days, or driving and exhibitions at separate venues on separate dates, with all the associated oncosts and logistical headaches. Fleet Show 2018 is the complete show, in every respect.
Fleet Show showcases an impressive line-up of new models from over 20 manufacturers, with up to 300 models available for driving. Fleet decision-makers had a choice of three separate circuits of the world-famous Silverstone Grand Prix track on which to evaluate them, the National, International and Stowe circuits – plus a road route in the locality.
As always, Fleet Show 2018 looks to strike a balance between interactive fleet education, test driving and a contemporary fleet exhibition which features some of the latest developments, products and services in the fleet arena.
There are also plenty of opportunities for Show visitors to hold face-to-face meetings and network with exhibitors and other visitors alike.
The indoor exhibition takes place in halls 1-3 of the Silverstone Wing, a state-of-the-art building that offers all the facilities required for a successful show.
For many visitors, the opportunity to discover and evaluate potential new suppliers is as valuable as the on-track test driving experience.
The indoor exhibition area is packed full with motor manufacturers & service providers to the fleet industry.
This is the event for those wishing to meet up with colleagues from the industry and the unique ‘networking’ opportunity.
The show gives an invaluable means of keeping up to date with the latest fleet industry developments.